Job and Addiction Treatment

Job and Addiction Treatment

Drinking at parties thrown by your boss seems pretty normal right? Drinking or consuming drugs for recreational purposes is normal. But it is an alarming sign when the habit continues beyond these professional parties. It is a sign that you are eventually getting addicted to these substances, and you need professional help. But admitting your addiction in front of your boss or employer sounds scary. Here are some ways that can help you deal with this problem.

Do You Need To Inform About Your Addiction At All?

This is the most confusing state professional faces addicted to drugs or alcohol. Informing your boss or employer about your addiction could also risk your job. But that is the right thing to do. Once you have decided to seek treatment, you first need to inform them about the same at your workplace, as an unannounced leave for about 90 days will definitely cost you a lot. Telling about your treatment and seeking leave might still have a chance of saving your job. 

Things To Know Before Talking To Your Boss

Here are two points that can help you with your conversation about your addiction treatment with the higher authorities. 

  • Know about your company’s health policies
  • Know your federal rights

Informing About Your Health And Addiction 

Being honest and transparent about your addiction and treatment is the most effective way to help you save your job. Follow these points to prepare yourselves for this challenging conversation with your boss and be: 

  • Prepared
  • Honest
  • Fearless
  • Cooperative 

Residential treatment Isn’t The End Of Recovery


After attending the residential treatment, you will be fit enough to return to your home and begin your work again. But that does not mean your treatment is over. After returning to everyday life, you are still expected to attend outpatient treatment programs to ensure the recovery process is running smoothly. Being dedicated to your treatment also shows that you are striving to get sober and will return to work with full potential and dedication. 

Returning To Work

Once you return to your work, the authorities might ask for some proof of your treatment. They may even ask you to take specific drug tests. But this should not bother you. You would be expected to cooperate during the early days of your work post-recovery. Do as asked, and your employers will be assured that you have recovered fully and are fit to get back to work. 

Getting Help From Skyward Treatment

You can always approach Skyward Treatment center to recover from your addiction. We provide the most effective treatments and therapies to all our patients that would suit their needs. Call us now to learn more about us. 

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