The Essence of Luxury Recovery Treatment: Healing in a Pet-friendly Facility

Luxury recovery treatment is another approach in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Taken from its name, this type of treatment is done in a luxurious environment where it feels a lot like you’re in a resort. Most luxury rehab facilities are pet-friendly, too.

What is Luxury Recovery Treatment?

Luxury recovery treatment or commonly known as luxury rehab is a form of treatment situated in a luxurious atmosphere. It has serene landscapes and beautiful interior designs that will make residents feel that they are on vacation. To add to that, residents are served with gourmet food.

While a luxury rehab facility boasts of wonderful designs and locations, it is still focused on giving a long-term solution to a person’s drug or alcohol abuse. Just like any rehabilitation center, a luxury rehab consists of medical professionals that will constantly guide and monitor their residents to ensure that they are helped during difficult moments in their rehab journey.

What a luxury rehab offers that other regular rehab facilities don’t is the high-end amenities. These amenities encourage residents to go out and enjoy the facilities as if they are on vacation. For example, some facilities offer horseback riding, swimming, helicopter rides, saunas, and the like. Moreover, luxury rehab centers almost always allow residents to bring their pets. If they don’t, there is most likely to be a pet inside.

Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Luxury Recovery Facility

More than the luxe surroundings, there are many benefits to going to a pet-friendly luxury rehab center. Here are some of those benefits that you will appreciate.

1. Teaches Responsibility

As an individual staying in a luxurious rehab center, you might get stuck with just living the luxurious life. This means that you might forget to focus on rehabilitating since you can easily be distracted by the grandeur around you. For obvious reasons, focusing on the latter will not be a sustainable way to break away from addiction.

When a facility is pet-friendly, the residents are able to focus on another living being other than themselves. This allows them to practice responsibility and duty without being too pressured to do so. Since pets will still be managed by the rehab center, the responsibility residents have does not go beyond having to care for them 24/7.

2. Improves Social Skills

There are times when you will not be in the mood to socialize. In fact, there is a tendency for recovering addicts to avoid any form of socialization. However, when there are pets around, they will slowly be reinforced to socialize.

The keyword here is “reinforcement”. Unlike social gatherings where residents are pressured to socialize with other people, pets do not ask residents to notice them – it often happens the other way around. In other words, a resident may be encouraged to socialize (even if it is just with the pet) because of the presence of a pet.

3. Exercising Emotional Intelligence

Pets are often used as a form of therapy because they respond to people. Unlike inanimate objects, pets interact and play with people around them. Even if you are not a fan of pets, you will be able to exercise your own emotional intelligence when you pet them. This emotional intelligence is further exercised when you build a relationship with the pet.



As you become closer to the pets in the luxury recovery center, you nurture a non-toxic relationship with them. Even if they do not talk, pets will still exercise your communication skills. You might even learn a few skills in communicating through your interactions with pets.

4. Increase Confidence

Lastly, pet-friendly rehab centers help build or regain your confidence. Since pets are neutral and non-judgmental, you don’t have to fear them thinking about you in a negative way. If you previously feel insecure about people because of your situation, then you will not have to feel this way when you’re with a pet.

Luxury recovery treatment centers offer more than nice amenities. Most of them are pet-friendly which improves the overall well-being of its residents. With pets around, residents are able to exercise confidence, responsibility, social skills, and emotional intelligence. Eventually, pets may be a catalyst to the residents’ recoveries.

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