Marijuana Legalization and Rising Cases of Addiction 

Marijuana Legalization and Rising Cases of Addiction 

Marijuana, also known as weed, is a highly addictive drug. People have been using it for years. But now the drug has been legalized across several states and districts in the country. The sole reason for this act is the drug’s qualities to be used as a medicine. But what is being neglected in the process is the rising cases of addiction.

Let’s read further to know how marijuana legalization has led to a surge in the number of addiction cases. 

How does Legalization Affect Addiction?

Experts in the field of addiction treatment believe that legalizing marijuana has just worsened the situation. More and more people are becoming addicted to it. Here’s how it affects addiction cases: 

  • The legalization of marijuana means easy access to the drug 
  • No need to steal or buy it from the black market 
  • It is available at cheaper rates as compared to the rates of the illegal market 
  • No one can stop a user from smoking pot 
  • Anyone above the legal age can buy it for medicinal purposes 

Experts say that people have begun abusing the drug more than ever before.

There are cases where people buy the drug for medicinal purposes but fail to stop its use after the prescription period, similar to opioids and benzodiazepines. This leads them to develop a dependency on the drug which eventually changes into addiction. 

Treating marijuana addiction is just as difficult as treating any other drug and alcohol addiction. An individual has no other option but to attend rehab for detox. 

Looking for Marijuana Addiction Treatment? 

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