Meth Recovery Stages: All You Need To Know Near Houston, TX

Meth Recovery Stages: All You Need To Know Near Houston, TX

Meth is an extremely addictive and harmful drug. If taken in large amounts for a long time, it can lead to severe health issues. Once addicted to meth, it could be difficult for an individual to get rid of the addiction. But it is possible to cue this harmful addiction. There are different stages to the meth recovery and they are: 

Stage – 1: Withdrawal

The first stage in the process of recovery lasts for about two weeks from the beginning. Patients can feel withdrawal symptoms but there are professionals at the rehab center to help them deal with it. 

Stage – 2: Honeymoon

This is a 15 to 45 days long period after the process of detox. At this stage, patients can become overconfident as they have recently overcome the withdrawal symptoms. However, they still cannot be discharged from an inpatient facility. They will need to undergo therapies like: 

  • Addiction education
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Family therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Individual behavioral therapy

Stage – 3: The Wall

This is the next step in recovery and can last for about 45 to 120 days. This is a vulnerable period in the recovery when if not taken proper care, a person can relapse. Post stage 2, the person finds it impossible to recover and goes back to taking meth. At this stage, the person can feel depression and loneliness.

Stage – 4: Adjustment 

This is the most life changing stage for the patients. It happens between day 120 to 180 where the patient tries to drive themselves towards good hobbies and life skills. They can also go for job applications and further education. Rebuilding relationships can also happen at this stage. 

Stage – 5: Long – Term Recovery

This is the final stage of the recovery process and begins on day 180 after the completion of stage 4. This stage remains in the patient’s life forever, hence – long – term recovery. Patient by now has understood the adverse effects of meth and is willing to never take it. They may also continue living their life like before while maintaining sobriety. 

Skyward Treatment 

The detox process might seem too difficult but it is for your better future. Skyward Treatment in Houston, TX strives in helping patients deal with addiction. Call us now to make your life better and free from addiction. 

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