Plan Your Recovery With Effective Goals at Skyward Treatment

Plan Your Recovery With Effective Goals at Skyward Treatment

Treating addiction is never an easy task. It is not like the flu that will go away after two weeks or so. Sometimes, it takes years to combat addiction successfully.

Deciding to quit substance abuse may sound easy. Trying to fight it on your own might sound great. But to battle addiction, you need to lay down your plans, not just plans, but effective plans.

Sometimes even if you set your plan or goals, you get stuck again and again with not much progress. How do you deal with this? By planning and setting effective goals.

Importance of Setting Effective Goals

Setting goals during rehabilitation can assist you in determining what you must do to move from where you are now to where you want to be. There are benefits to effective goal setting like, you get to concentrate on the present and future and not dwell on the past. You build a solid work ethic and a patient disposition. Lastly, boosting your pride when you accomplish your goals.

So, how do you set effective goals in recovery?

1. Make a specific goal.

To achieve your goal in recovery, you have to set a specific goal to achieve. You can use the who, what, when, and where in constructing specific goals. For example, “I will apologize to my parents for….”

2. Make a measurable goal.

Goals with a specified quantity are easier to achieve than making vague statements that you cannot prove if you achieve them. For example, instead of setting a goal like “I will eat nutritious food.” You can change it to “I will eat one serving of vegetables and one serving of fruits every day.”

By doing this, you can track your progress with your goals.

3. Set an achievable goal.

Setting an achievable goal is very important in recovery. Setting unrealistic goals will make you frustrated and might cause a relapse.

Instead of making big goals, set small, step-by-step, and achievable goals. For example, “I will get employed after a week.” Instead, make it “I will study and learn how to make a comprehensive resume in a week.”

And then, the following week, set a goal that will get you closer to getting employed.

4. Make an important goal to help your recovery.

Staying indoors will not help your sobriety journey. Instead, set a goal that you will attend a gym facility or a yoga center.

Exercising and improving your health is a great way to avoid cravings that will lead to relapse. Also, it keeps your mind away from substances.

5. Set time-bound goals.

Goals that are time-bound are easy to achieve. Also, it challenges you to achieve and succeed in your goals.

Anyone who wants to quit and recover can find help at Skyward Treatment.

Remember that we’re here for you to help you achieve your goals, and we will do whatever it takes to get you sober in no time.

Contact us now and sign up for your integrated treatment program.

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