Prescription Drug Abuse and its Impact on Teens

Prescription Drug Abuse and its Impact on Teens

There has been an epidemic going on in the world about drug and alcohol addiction. The term “drug” mentioned here not only involves synthetic drugs like cocaine but also includes prescription drugs. Opiate and benzodiazepine-based painkillers. Painkiller addiction has surged to another level with the teens addicted to it. 

Teenagers are at a vulnerable growing stage when they begin abusing these drugs without knowing the lifelong damage they can cause to their minds and bodies. Read further to know more about the effects of prescription drugs on teenagers. 

Impact of Prescription Drugs on Teenagers 

As mentioned before, teenage is a vulnerable phase of growth. It marks the development of various parts of the brain. If the teens begin to abuse drugs, their mental development is highly affected. The negative impacts caused are: 

  • Stunted growth throughout the body 
  • Disrupted perception development 
  • Fractures neural pathways
  • Other mental health-related issues 

These impacts might not be visible straight away, but they can be observed as the teen grows into an adult. 

Also, one can observe the following behavioral and physical symptoms of prescription drug abuse in teens around them: 

  • Becoming irresponsible, secretive, aggressive, etc.
  • Anxiety 
  • Underperforming at work or school  
  • Stealing and lying 
  • Unmaintained hygiene 
  • Bloodshot eyes 
  • Mood swings 
  • Bruises on arms or legs
  • Swollen face 
  • Paranoia 
  • Runny or bleeding nose 

These are just a few of the commonly observed signs of drug abuse. However, if you observe any other suspicious signs, immediately seek help. If neglected, they can easily overdose on the painkillers and cause life-threatening damage themselves. 

Consult a Professional 

Prescription drug abuse is the deadliest of all addictions. Thus, if your teen is suspected of any such activities, immediately convince them to consult a professional and get clean. 

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