10 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing A Recovery Treatment Center

10 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing A Recovery Treatment Center

Once you or any of your loved ones decide on going for a detox, it becomes important to do a thorough research about the rehab centers. You may ask some of these questions to know whether the rehab center fits your criteria for addiction recovery: 

Q1. Does The Center Have License And Accreditation?

The center you are considering for treatment should be licensed and accredited. The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization or TJC has the strictest demands of providing the best quality treatment. 

Q2. What Is The Duration Of The Program?

Usually, an addiction treatment asks for more than 30 days to ensure complete recovery. Make sure that the center you are choosing is offering treatment plans for 30, 60 and 90 days and are also open to customization as per the requirements. 

Q3. What Can I Expect From A Rehab?

The rehab process will usually begin from physical and psychological diagnosis to identify other damages that could have been caused due to addiction. Further, you will undergo the detox process and will experience withdrawal symptoms but you will pass that phase soon with the help of right treatment. 

Q4. How Is The Environment At The Center? 

Make sure that the center you are considering believes in maintaining a positive environment as it motivates the patients to heal faster. 

Q5. What Are The Services Offered?

Be sure to know about the services offered by the center. Some may provide holistic treatment along with some therapies like art, yoga and recreational activities. 

Q6. Does The Center Treat Dual Diagnosis?

In most cases, patients suffering from addiction tend to have underlying mental health issues. Make sure that the center you choose gives dual diagnosis for any other mental health issue. It will help in better recovery and reduce the chances of relapse. 

Q7. Does The Center Provide Inpatient Or Outpatient Treatment?

There are centers which provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment as per the severity of addiction. Go for the ones who provide both. It assures you better aftercare services and good recovery rates. 

Q8. What Are The Aftercare Services Provided? 

There will be different kinds of aftercare services provided by every center. Therefore, make sure that the center you choose gives services like personal and group counseling for a decided time period post inpatient treatment.  

Q9. What Are The Payment Options? 

Several centers accept insurance from various companies and also offer various payment options like cash. Make sure to verify your insurance before committing to a center. 

Q10. Will My Family Be Involved In The Treatment? 

Involving a patient’s family in the treatment helps greatly in the recovery process. Therefore make sure that the center you choose has provision for family counseling sessions. If not, they should refer you to a qualified counselor out of the center. 

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