Role of Addiction in the Problem of Homelessness

Role of Addiction in the Problem of Homelessness

Why Homeless People Are More Vulnerable to Addiction 


In the United States of America, there are more than half a million homeless people, and this number continues to rise with each passing year. It’s one of our country’s most common problems, alongside drug and alcohol addiction. 


It’s true that addiction and homelessness go hand in hand because most homeless people are the ones who are more vulnerable to both drug and alcohol addiction. It’s an epidemic that’s been plaguing our whole country – not just Texas. 


Even a study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services shows how 38% of homeless people are dependent on alcohol, while there’s another 26% who rely on drugs. Frankly, this is a sad statistic, but this is our reality in America. 


For people, substance abuse can surely lead to homelessness due to multiple reasons. There’s no one-size-fits-all pattern, and it’s a different story for every single individual. 


Some people might be addicted to either drugs or alcohol, and they often see their relationships with their loved ones deteriorate. Then some lose their jobs due to their addiction. In the end, these people might lose everything that they have ever worked for just because they’ve misused illegal substances. 


As we’ve often said, addiction and homelessness do go hand in hand, which is one reason why people often check themselves into rehabilitation facilities like Skyward Treatment. 


If you or someone you love is undergoing both homelessness and addiction, then give us a call at Skyward Treatment. Honestly, if you think that there’s someone in your life who’s about to lose it all and is on the brink of homelessness, then it’s the perfect time for them to get help. 


It’s best to bear in mind that getting the help necessary to combat their addiction is essential, and this is the first step towards long-term sobriety. Remember that you can’t do it alone, and it’s best to be surrounded by people who know what they’re doing – like our team of doctors and certified medical professionals here at Skyward Treatment. 


Here at Skyward Treatment, we have a beautiful and intimate rehabilitation facility in the heart of Sugarland, Texas. Not only that, but we accept patients around the Greater Houston Area. We believe that help should be accessible, and we’re here to provide you with it. 


Give us a call today at Skyward Treatment for more information! 

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