Secret Alcohol Addiction: How to Get Help?

Secret Alcohol Addiction: How to Get Help?

Loneliness is a common feature of living with a secret alcohol addiction. This phenomenon occurs in a paradox where on the face of it one is greeted with material bounties including a successful occupation, a loving family, and obligations taken care of. However, on the other hand, the dominance of chronic alcoholism keeps them from reaping any of these opportunities. This ‘someone’ could be you, along with others who suffer from this pervasive condition, albeit silently. Worry not as this article will help you understand the nuances of alcoholism, the need for support, and avenues for assistance provided by Skyward Recovery Center. 

Understanding High-Functioning Alcoholism

Alcoholics are generally stereotyped as gloomy persons who do not have good family relations, struggle for gaining employment, and are associated with alcohol rehabilitation centers. 

However, for those suffering from ‘high-functioning’ alcoholism these symptoms are absent from public view. This phenomenon is as complex as it sounds: where you are presumably able to carry your assignments; but do not showcase any signs of suffering from the repercussions of alcoholism. Thus, it becomes habitual for persons suffering from this situation to conceal their alcohol addiction.

Signs of Secret Alcoholism

To identify whether you are suffering from this condition, it is important to take note of these indicative symptoms:

  • Incessant drinking
  • Drinking at unusual times during the day
  • Having an hangover daily
  • Lying about the quantity of alcohol
  • Hiding Liquor
  • Mood being impacted by the desire for alcohol
  • Adverse career, social, and household impacts
  • Avoiding prominent events
  • Suffering from black-outs caused by excessive drinking

Why Support is Important to Recovery

The loneliness surrounding alcohol addiction prevents one from accepting the need for help. Even after internal acceptance, the notions concerning rehab centers make it impossible for a person to publicly disclose this condition. Thus, a confidential avenue for disclosure is key in seeking assistance without a hint to anyone else.

Maintaining confidentiality at Skyward Recovery Center is our utmost priority. Our treatment offers you an open space to interact with similarly situated persons. However, we recognise that familial support is key in a prolonged recovery. Therefore, we also provide a family service to assist your family in sensitizing your family towards your situation and support you post the treatment. We assure you of a secure, comprehensive, and private treatment for quick and long-lasting recovery. 

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