Self Love-A Key Factor in Recovery 

Self Love-A Key Factor in Recovery 

The key to living a happy life is loving yourself. No matter what or how you are, you need to be satisfied with yourself to be happy. But this can be difficult for you if you are suffering from addiction. Addiction to drugs and alcohol surely makes you feel happy but only for that brief drunk or high moment. The rest of the time is spent around all the negative thoughts. 

Thus, if you want to remain happy, practice self-love. This is also true if you are in addiction recovery. There are several ways to exhibit self-love while in recovery. Take a look!

Practicing Self-Love in Recovery 

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, but self-love can surely help the process. If you begin practicing self-love, the recovery journey will eventually turn into a smooth, more bearable, and fulfilling process. There are several ways to express self-love such as: 

  • Change the way you think about yourself. Always remain positive about yourself and never let negative thoughts govern your actions. 
  • Reframe your negative and demotivating thoughts. Even if you are failing, do not be demotivated. Instead, be positive and make another attempt. 
  • Forgive yourself. Nobody is perfect, thus, be generous and forgive yourself if you make any mistakes. Being hard on yourself will only worsen the situation. 
  • Practice your hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to divert yourself from negative thoughts. Thus, practice your favorite hobbies and stay positive. 

Self-love is a great way to achieve sobriety sooner. If you keep on being harsh on yourself for your previous actions, it will only bring more guilt and reduce progress. Thus, focus on self-love and achieve a lifetime of sobriety through holistic treatment.

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