Side Effects Associated with Long Term Meth Use

Side Effects Associated with Long Term Meth Use

Three Side Effects Commonly Associated with Long-Term Meth Use 


Studies show that there are around 600,000 people that use methamphetamine or “meth.” This statistic is for the United States of America alone – isn’t that mind-blowing? 


According to the same studies, average meth users start using this drug in their early 20s. We believe that this is a relatively early age to take drugs, but then again, we shouldn’t be misusing drugs at any age. Take it from us here at Skyward Treatment; you wouldn’t want to get addicted to any form of illegal substance. 


Not only can you get addicted to meth, but you can also overdose on this drug. It’s fatal, and it’s a known killer around the country. However, those who haven’t overdosed from meth can show side effects commonly associated with long-term meth use. These are the following: 


  1. Paranoia 


One of the side effects that long-term meth users develop is severe paranoia. These can be in auditory or visual hallucinations, and these are naturally no good. There are some meth users who admitted that they sometimes feel and see insects crawling on their bodies. They also become disoriented and delusional, and these symptoms of paranoia will often lead to severe exhaustion. 


  1. Addiction 


Since meth is a drug, long-term meth users will eventually become drug addicts. In layman’s terms, addiction simply means that users will repeatedly use drugs despite their harms and causes. Some people often lose control over their addiction, which is no good and may eventually lead to a fatal overdose. 


  1. Heart Complications 


Lastly, one of the worst side effects of long-term meth use is heart complications. Did you know that meth can place a lot of stress in a person’s heart? This may lead to increased blood pressure. Not only that, but meth users generally are at most risk of suffering from heart attacks or dying from any kind of heart disease. 


Nothing good has ever come out of long-term meth usage, and this is why it’s best to get help as early as you can. 


Why not reach out to us today at Skyward Treatment to get the necessary help that you need to live a healthier and more sober lifestyle? We have a team of doctors and certified medical professionals who will help you in every way they can. Not only that, but we have a beautiful and intimate facility in the heart of Sugarland, Texas, that you can take advantage of. 


Take that first step into your road towards addiction recovery – we will walk with you. 


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