Knowing the Signs and Effects of Meth Addiction

Knowing the Signs and Effects of Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine, also known as meth is a powerful drug. It is also a highly addictive stimulant drug. People consume meth for its qualities like a sudden rise in energy levels and the feeling of euphoria. However, long-term consumption of meth can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, it is important to seek meth addiction treatment on time. 

Further, it is also necessary to know the signs of meth addiction and its effects on user’s physical and mental health. 

Effects of Meth on Health 

Meth use might seem appealing at first but you should not ignore the side effects it has on your mental and physical health. Meth abuse can severely damage your body, and brain. It also affects your cardiovascular system and nervous system. 

Some of the common short-term side effects of meth abuse are: 

  1. Dry mouth 
  2. Excessive sweating 
  3. Increased heart rate 
  4. High blood pressure 
  5. Chest pain

Apart from these, there are several other side effects too that linger along for a long time. Those are the long-term side effects which include

  1. Parkinson’s disease 
  2. Reduced cognitive skills 
  3. Respiratory issues 
  4. Nasal damage 
  5. Heart attack 
  6. Stroke 
  7. Weak immune system 
  8. Viral infections 

Though these side effects may seem dangerous, they can still be treated. You can approach a rehab center for meth addiction treatment. 

Signs of Meth Addiction 

Meth abuse and meth use can be difficult to differentiate since the drug is highly addictive. However, there are some physical signs that can prove meth addiction. You can find them below: 

  1. Talking in a faster pace 
  2. Avoiding friends and family 
  3. Increased secual libido 
  4. Poor dental health 
  5. Drooping facial skin 
  6. Involuntary twitching and jerking 
  7. Excessive itching 
  8. Acne and sores on face and arms 

Meth addiction can also be identified by these psychological signs: 

  1. Delusions 
  2. Paranoia 
  3. Aggression 
  4. Confusion 

Another way to identify meth use and addiction is by looking for the following meth objects:

  1. Bent or burnt spoons 
  2. Armbands 
  3. Syringes 
  4. Lighters 
  5. Glass tubes 
  6. Hollowed out pens 
  7. Gutted light bulbs 
  8. Small pieces of drinking straws 
  9. Strips of aluminium foil 

All these objects are used during meth intake. The drug is usual snorted, smoked or injected. Thus, if you find any of the above-mentioned objects in your house, be sure to look out for meth addiction. 
If you have a loved one addicted to meth, advice them to seek meth addiction treatment at Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas. Call us now to know more!

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