Signs to Identify Prescription Drug Addiction

Signs to Identify Prescription Drug Addiction

You might have heard of people being addicted to substances like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, etc. But do you know that one can easily get addicted to prescription medicines? Yes, benzodiazepines and opioid-based prescription medicines are just as potent to develop a dependency as any other drug and alcohol. 

Experts from Skyward Treatment say that people are getting more addicted to prescription medicines than other substances due to various reasons. Let’s find out how. 

Prescription Drug Addiction 

Prescription drugs are mainly the ones given to patients suffering from severe pain. They are majorly prescribed to overcome pain after surgery or severe injury. These drugs are highly effective in relieving pain and produce some other effects which are easy to create a dependency for. 

Patients who tend to continue the consumption post their prescription period are bound to develop an addiction to the drug. That is, in fact, a sign of developing dependency. Some other signs indicating dependency are: 

  • Taking the drug even after the prescription has ended 
  • Mood swings 
  • Being secretive about the drug use 
  • Feeling energetic and euphoric after taking the drug 
  • Feeling drowsy and sedated 
  • Seeking prescription from multiple doctors to acquire the drug 

Once the patient is addicted to these prescription medicines, it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of them. Overuse of these medicinal drugs can become harmful and needs expert assistance to overcome. 

Seek Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment from Skyward Treatment 

Just like cocaine and alcohol addiction, even prescription drug addiction needs rehab treatment. You need professionals to help you handle your condition. Thus, if you or anyone around you is addicted to prescription drugs, consider seeking treatment from Skyward Treatment center. We have services available for everyone living in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Contact us now to get more details about our treatment programs. 

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