Six Important Rules to Follow in a Sober Living Home

Six Important Rules to Follow in a Sober Living Home

Sober living houses, also known as sober homes, are group homes designed to provide a safe and supportive living environment for individuals in recovery from addiction. These homes use important rules to facilitate sobriety and wellness.

Here are the primary rules that govern sober living houses and how they contribute to the long-term sobriety of individuals:

  1. Sobriety is the number one priority. The primary rule of sober living houses is that sobriety should come first. It means that residents must abstain from drugs and alcohol while living in the home. This rule is strictly enforced, and violations can result in eviction.
  2. Attendance at 12-step meetings is mandatory. It includes Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or other similar support groups. Regularly attending meetings helps residents stay connected to their recovery community and promotes accountability.
  3. Curfews are enforced. Sober living houses typically have a curfew that residents must adhere to. It helps create structure and routine in daily life, which can be essential for individuals in recovery. Curfew violations can result in consequences such as loss of privileges or eviction from the home.
  4. House chores are required. Residents of sober living houses are typically required to participate in house chores. It helps promote a sense of responsibility and accountability and also helps keep the sober living environment clean and well-maintained.
  5. Visitors must be approved. Sober living houses typically have rules around visitors. Residents must receive approval from house managers before having visitors, and visitors must be sober and respectful of the rules of the home. It helps maintain a safe and supportive environment for all residents.
  6. Random drug testing is conducted. Sober living houses typically do random drug testing of residents to ensure everyone maintains sobriety. This rule helps promote accountability and ensures that the living environment remains drug-free.

Sober living houses are governed by a set of primary rules that are designed to promote a safe and supportive living environment for individuals in recovery from addiction. These rules are designed to promote sobriety, accountability, responsibility, and structure in daily life.

By adhering to these rules, residents can build the skills and confidence they need to maintain sobriety over the long term and enjoy a brighter future in recovery.

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