What’s The First Step In Alcohol Abuse Recovery?

What’s The First Step In Alcohol Abuse Recovery?

Alcohol addiction recovery uses a multiple step process to become completely sober again. This process begins with the first step of acceptance. You need to admit and understand that you are addicted to alcohol and need help in getting rid of it. 

Early Signs of Addiction

The recovery process for alcohol addiction is a multiple step process. Similarly, even the addiction includes several steps. One doesn’t develop alcohol addiction overnight. It happens over the time of months, even years for some and begins with the first stage – denial. It can then become a mild, moderate or severe addiction depending on the amount and frequency of intake. Here are some early signs showing alcohol addiction: 

  • Unable to control the amount of alcohol intake
  • Spending several hours thinking about alcohol, its consumption and recovery from hangover
  • Intense alcohol cravings
  • Unable to work effectively at school, office or home
  • Continuing the consumption even when aware of its adverse effects
  • Giving up on passions, hobbies, social gatherings, etc.
  • Making up stories to hide your frequent alcohol consumption 

The best way to overcome alcohol addiction is seek help from a rehab center like Skyward Treatment.

Initial Steps of Alcohol Recovery

As mentioned earlier, the process of recovery from alcohol addiction begins from the first stage of acceptance. Once you realize that you are addicted to alcohol and it is causing harmful effects on your body as well as to people around you, it will motivate you to seek professional help. You can take hints from your lately strained relationships with loved ones. 

The next step in the process is seeking professional help from reputed rehab centers like Skyward Treatment. The rehab centers provide several treatment programs under the supervision of their highly qualified staff members. The duration and the type of treatment needed varies from person to person depending on: 

  • Type of addiction
  • Other addictive substances consumed with alcohol
  • Duration of alcohol use
  • Severity of addiction 
  • Its effects on your life as well as on others

While you treat your alcohol addiction at a rehab, they will also help you heal other problems that have been caused due to prolonged alcohol use such as liver damage. They try to treat you as a whole person instead of merely targeting addiction. 

Alcohol Detox

The first step of the treatment will be the detox process. This process will try to remove alcohol from your body completely. While the process of detox is on, you may feel certain withdrawal symptoms due to the absence of alcohol. However, these symptoms may not be the same for everyone. One might feel some common physical symptoms like headaches, tremors, insomnia, fatigue, stomach ache, increased heart rate, hyperthermia and fluctuated breathing. There might also be other psychological symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, hallucinations and seizures. 

Skyward Treatment center provides the best detox and other treatment programs for overcoming alcohol addiction and its withdrawal symptoms. 

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