Suffering From Painkiller Addiction: These 3 Ways Can Help

Suffering From Painkiller Addiction: These 3 Ways Can Help

Painkillers have become a regularly prescribed drug to ease out severe pain. Doctors recommend opiate painkillers which also have the potential of being an addictive drug. This in the longer run can have harmful effects on the user’s body. If you or anyone around you is addicted to such painkillers, Skyward Treatment Center is there to help you with this. Call us to know more. 

Help Is Available

It is not necessary that every painkiller user is or might get addicted to it. If used as per the prescription, one might save themselves from the addiction. But if you feel that yourself or anyone you know is addicted to painkillers, then help is available to help them get rid of that addiction. There are several treatment options available like:  

  • Therapy
  • Inpatient and outpatient painkiller rehab treatments
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Aftercare services

Identifying Painkiller Addiction

If you feel that any of your beloved ones is suffering from painkiller addiction, they will portray some signs which will assure you of the same. But you need to know what those signs are. 

A painkiller addict will show signs like: 

  • Tainted relationships with loved ones
  • Unsuccessful in avoiding painkillers
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not on painkillers
  • Financial crisis
  • Victim to legal charges
  • Frequent visits to doctors or hospitals

If you spot any of these signs in a painkiller user, contact Skyward Treatment for painkiller addiction treatment. 

3 Ways To Help Someone With A Painkiller Addiction

It will be difficult for someone to admit that they are under painkiller addiction. It will be even more difficult for you to tell them about the same when they haven’t realized it yet. Once, the news about painkiller addiction is established, make sure that you handle the situation calmly as the addict might not accept it straight away. 

If you wish to help someone with painkiller addiction, here are 3 ways to guide you:

  1. Motivate them to visit their family doctor: there is a higher chance that a painkiller addict will trust and listen to their family doctor more than other professionals. Therefore, convince them to do so and get them evaluated. 
  2. Hear them out: it may happen that a painkiller addict will fear to accept the addiction and also that they need treatment for the same. Hence, hear them and help with any concerns or confusions. Advise them to note down their questions and later refer to the same when you see a rehab center. Also, assure them that their privacy will be maintained throughout the recovery process and thereafter. 
  3. Remind them that everyone reacts differently to the treatment: painkiller addiction treatment does not work on “one size fits all” policy. Every addict will respond differently to the treatments. Therefore, they are allowed to explore the treatments until they find the most suitable one. 

Suffering from Painkiller addiction? Are you ready to free yourself from your drug addiction? 

If you know anyone who needs painkiller addiction treatment, contact Skyward Treatment near Houston, TX for the best therapies and programs. 

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