Support your Spouse in Addiction Recovery

Support your Spouse in Addiction Recovery

Addiction destroys even the strongest of relationships, no matter how long you both have known each other or have been together. If one of the partners is addicted, it is likely to observe a few ups and downs in the relationship. As a sober partner, you might feel helpless at times when your loved one refuses to hear you. 

We must tell you that you are not entirely helpless in such cases. There is still hope to save your marriage. An effective way to save your relationship is by sending and supporting your spouse in recovery. 

Support your Spouse

As a spouse, it is also your responsibility to give your partner a chance to improve. You can serve this by supporting them in the following ways:

  • Try and understand their situation while recovering 
  • Learn about addiction and risk factors for relapse 
  • Be open and talk to your spouse about the kind of support they need from you 
  • Be prepared for the upcoming changes in your relationship 
  • Allow your spouse to explore themselves without substances 
  • Consider counseling to rebuild your relationship 
  • Be patient and give your spouse some time to get back on their feet and handle responsibilities 
  • Let go of the past feelings of anger and pain and let yourself heal along with your partner 
  • Avoid playing the blame game, especially when your spouse is in a tender state of recovery 
  • Encourage and praise your spouse’s progress, even if it’s a small step towards recovery
  • Be prepared for setbacks as recovery doesn’t happen overnight and not everyone is equally strong to recover without any fallbacks. 
  • Be prepared for relapse and send them back to rehab if needed.
  • Spend more time getting to know each other. 

Help your Spouse With Recovery

Helping your spouse is what a good partner does to save their relationship. Thus, if your partner is addicted and needs help, consider sending them to Skyward Treatment. Our service is available to all the citizens of Fort Worth. Contact us now!

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