The 10 Guiding Principles of Recovery

The 10 Guiding Principles of Recovery

The fields of addiction recovery and mental health are complex and multifaceted. Such complicated areas need a pure approach when it comes to healing patients. Thus, the caregivers at rehab centers believe in following 10 principles that guide them through the process. These guiding principles, if followed by the patients, can help them too. 

This blog talks about those 10 guiding principles of recovery. Take a look! 

10 Guiding Principles of Recovery 

The 10 principles are: 

  1. Personally driven: recovery is a personally driven process. Only the determination of a patient is what can help them achieve sobriety. 
  1. Person-centered: every patient in recovery has unique needs. Thus, the caregivers should respect their uniqueness and treat them accordingly.
  1. Empowering: addiction recovery should be empowering and help patients focus on positive aspects like self-control, happiness, and fulfillment. 
  1. Holistic: holistic treatment is essential when it comes to addiction and mental health recovery and should be followed by professionals. 
  1. Realistic: it is a professional’s job to present the reality of the treatment to their patients. They should never let the patients feel that setbacks and mistakes are a sin. 
  1. Strength-based: as a responsible professional, one should also help the patients to focus on their strengths which can be a great motivation to get better. 
  1. Support groups: recovery is easy and fast to achieve if the patients have the right support groups or peers. They flourish in a supportive environment. 
  1. Respect: respecting each other while in recovery can help greatly. It is true for both, the patients as well as the caregivers. 
  1. Responsibility: being responsible for one’s actions helps a lot. This is also true for recovery. 
  1. Hope: in the end, hope is what helps patients and caregivers achieve the desired results. Always stay hopeful for the best. 

Seek Help from the Experts 

Our experts at Skyward Treatment believe in following these guiding principles and helping patients achieve a lifetime of sobriety. 

Our experts are also happy to extend help to the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas. Get in touch today to know more!

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