The Effects of Alcohol Use Disorder on Relationships

The Effects of Alcohol Use Disorder on Relationships

Alcohol use disorder affects 15 million Americans. Its damaging effects not only affect the individual using alcohol. It also significantly impacts relationships with others.

There is no denying alcohol use disorder can lead to lost friendships, estranged marriages, and family conflict. But how and why does alcohol abuse disorder affects relationships?

Here are some reasons why AUD affects relationships.

Absence of Intimacy

Humans naturally long for intimacy because intimacy shows affection to a person. It is a feel-good experience when you know someone cares for you. But AUD causes intimacy issues because alcohol alters the user’s brain, making them unaware of their lack of affection.

Dishonesty and Mistrust

As a result of fear, shame, or guilt, people with AUD become secretive over time to hide their dependence. They might make up stories about their whereabouts, their friends, and their daily activities to their partner or family.

As the addiction worsens, individuals could come up with more creative reasons to cover up their drinking issues.


Violent crimes and domestic violence is always linked to drinking, even around the world. In one study, it was discovered that people who are prone to aggression are more likely to act violently on impulse, especially when drunk. Abuse is very rampant inside a household with a member suffering from AUD.

Financial Problems

Any addiction can cause financial troubles to families. Addiction costs a lot of money, and it often leads to conflict. Unwise spending on alcohol can drain finances. Also, alcohol abuse can damage income by being fired from a job.

Lastly, AUD can damage the body, which can lead to diseases and cost money for medications.

Marriage and family dynamics may be negatively impacted by AUD, and it may also worsen the AUD. If you are unsure whether alcohol is creating issues in your relationships, Skyward Treatment in Houston, Texas, can help. Our specialist can help you. Our helpline is available 24/7. Call us!

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