The Most Common Medications Used in a Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT

The Most Common Medications Used in a Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT

In recent years, medication-assisted treatment programs or MAT have been gaining popularity across the United States of America – not just in Sugar Land, Texas.

MAT is known to use proven medications alongside a suite of psychosocial treatments and therapies that will provide a more holistic approach when it comes to treating a patient’s substance use disorder. It’s similar to getting a regular treatment or program at a traditional rehabilitation facility, but the difference is that MAT is specifically designed to support your treatment and recovery process.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we offer MAT, and we believe that this can really help our patients reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.

The MAT that we offer here at Skyward Treatment is developed to support lifetime recovery for those willing to put in the effort to overcome the harmful substance use disorder they were once under.

Not only that, but our doctors and certified medical professionals will combine prescribed medication, accountability, supervision, individual counseling, and so much more!

The goal of MAT is to help each patient reach a healthier and more sober lifestyle. In layman’s terms, we will help you get clean, stay clean, and experience that full recovery.

Here at Skyward Treatment, the type of medications that we use during a medication-assisted treatment program will vary on several factors, like the substance you use and the duration of your use. These are the main factors, and our doctors will then determine which medication would work well for your body.

Some of the medications that we use are the following:

  • Naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Campral
  • Antabuse

There are more, but these four are the most common ones, and we’ve proven them to be the most effective ones.

We know that the road towards addiction recovery might be rough, but this isn’t a journey that you would have to go through alone. So why not join us and many others today at Skyward Treatment?

Here at Skyward Treatment, we accept most insurance providers in the country – why not verify your insurance today?

Reach out to us at Skyward Treatment for more information regarding MAT.

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