The Power of Technology in Addiction Recovery: 8 Free Apps to Keep You Sober

Digital technology is both a bane and a boon, depending on how web and mobile users perceive and utilize it. In the realm of addiction recovery, research has found that technology-assisted behavioral therapy is useful in optimizing addiction treatment for patients, particularly in widening its reach and protecting anonymity. The Internet also facilitates prevention and treatment consistency.

Recently, the usefulness of technology in addiction recovery extended from web to mobile applications (simply known in layman’s term as apps). For free, these applications complement therapy and help keep recovering addicts sober.

  1. Sober Grid

This sobriety app is like a social media platform for recovering patients. It allows people with addiction problems to create a profile (with an option to remain anonymous) and connect to a network of users who are also in recovery at a given location. This is ideal for those who are traveling or have recently moved to a new neighborhood.The Power of Technology in Addiction Recovery: 8 Free Apps to Keep You Sober

It also features ‘Daily Quests’, providing you with daily tasks and goals, like reading an inspirational message or writing a gratitude list.

  1. Nomo-Sobriety Clock

Relapse is common for people in the post-treatment phase. To keep you on track, Nomo helps you check your emotional triggers, address them through the “encouragement” section, and even allow users to share with their identified support system or your accountability partner. The app also helps you refocus through its “distraction” feature.

  1. Pear reSET

This FDA-approved therapy app aligns with the 12-week program medically used in addiction treatment. It is downloadable for users over 17 years old who have secured a prescription from clinicians. The app, which has a well-supported success rate in relapse prevention, guides users throughout the 12 weeks of treatment. It is equipped with lessons, inspiring messages, and quizzes that you can take at your own pace. You’ll also receive virtual rewards for your milestones.

  1. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Alcoholism presents problems distinct from other substance addictions. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson targets the physical and emotional triggers of alcohol. Its primary tools include guided visualizations, relaxation techniques, positive suggestions, and hypnotherapy. Users also have access to a mental health coach online.

  1. Squirrel Recovery

The Squirrel Recovery, designed by scientists, helps heroin addicts in recovery. It sends daily motivational quotes and grants rewards for every milestone. It likewise fosters social support through its messaging feature, allowing your contacts who are part of your support group to check in with you daily. You can use the panic button feature that immediately alerts your contacts for help when you experience heroin cravings.

  1. AA Speakers

The power of real-life testimonies can be quite moving, and this is what the AA Speakers seek to tap. Through the app, you have access to more than 300 speakers, as well as audiobooks, workshops, and discussions. You  can even listen to the famous Alcoholics Anonymous book and other helpful resources.

  1. My Sober Life

This sobriety app is designed for young people, aged 12 to 25. The daily messages, goals, and educational tools are streamlined to fit the emotional needs of this age group. It also features a personal tracker that functions as a journal, monitoring their struggles throughout the journey.


There are many other sobriety apps in the market nowadays. The following apps may not directly treat addiction but work as supplemental apps to your holistic recovery:

  1. MyLife Meditation

Meditation apps also help keep you sane, especially when your addiction is emotionally triggered. Among the highly-rated meditation apps in the market is MyLife Meditation, which helps you identify present emotions and empowers you to manage them through guided meditations, yoga videos, and more.

  1. Insight Timer

This meditation app helps you connect with others in an online community. Insight Timer also features several meditation guides that help you get through personal challenges and mood music to maintain your calmness and promote better sleep. With a calm mind and the discipline you learn from the app, you will likely achieve full recovery from your addiction.

  1. Down Dog

Physical fitness is equally important in addiction recovery. You’ll find hundreds of free fitness apps you can download. Where possible, choose those that require no equipment such as yoga, so you can exercise right away as soon as your addiction cravings kick in.

For yoga enthusiasts – Down Dog is a free app with paid boost features and has earned positive ratings. It holds over 30,000 yoga configurations for variety and features a 3-day introductory program for beginners.

Find a sobriety app that works perfectly fine with your needs.

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