Three Evident Signs Indicating Alcohol Addiction

Three Evident Signs Indicating Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease and it does not happen overnight. Though the signs of addiction can vary from individual to individual, the addiction cannot go unnoticed. Every individual addicted to alcohol portrays a few signs that might not be evident at first but you can identify them in the longer run. 

Here are some signs of alcohol addiction that you can keep in mind to identify it in a loved one. 

Identifying the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

If you are concerned about your loved one’s drinking habits, then here are some questions based on which you can assess their condition. 

  1. Have you felt that your loved one needs to cut down on their drinking? 
  2. Do your loved ones get irritated when you criticize their drinking? 
  3. Have you observed your loved one feel guilty about their drinking? 
  4. Do they begin and end their day with alcohol? 

If the answers to these questions are yes, then your loved one needs to seek professional help. 

Three Major Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol abuse not only affects a person’s health but also affects their behavior. Their behavior and certain activities change drastically which is strong evidence of alcohol addiction. Three of those major signs include: 

  1. Making excuses 

Your loved one might begin to make excuses whenever you talk to them about their drinking habits. If these excuses are frequent, it’s a strong sign of ongoing alcohol addiction. 

  1. Drinking alone 

If you ask too much about your loved one’s drinking habits, there are chances they might begin to drink alone or hide it from you. When this happens, be sure to address the issue with them and reach out for help. 

  1. Prioritizes drinking 

Anyone addicted to alcohol will prioritize drinking over other responsibilities. Thus, if you see your loved one neglecting their work/school, household, or other responsibilities, make sure to talk to them about their addiction. 

Once addicted, it is not easy to achieve sobriety. Therefore, it is advised to reach out for professional intervention at Skyward Treatment. Call us now to know more about our treatment programs. 

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