Three Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Alcohol Addiction

Three Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Alcohol Addiction

There is a very high rate of alcohol and drug abuse throughout the country. Due to its availability, this substance is easily accessible and cheap. Those who abuse substances may believe they are just enjoying themselves and have nothing to worry about, but their addiction is already well underway.

If you want to make sure you might have an alcohol addiction, look for these three indicative signs.

  1. Becoming distant or isolated from close friends and family members.

When a family member starts to ask you questions implying alcoholism, your mood starts to change. You make excuses, tell false stories, or distance yourself from them to avoid questions about alcohol use. Also, you always say things like you only drink because you are stressed and tired.

  1. You drink most of the time and become secretive.

One of the obvious signs that you need treatment is you always drink. Also, you hide your drinking habit because you don’t want people to tell you to have an alcohol problem.

You are afraid to know what people will say, so you start to be secretive about your drinking.

  1. Drinking alcohol even if it harms your physical, social, career, or relationship.

You still choose to drink over your family, friends, and career. You do not care about anything else as long as you can enjoy your drinking habit.

How to Treat Alcohol Addiction?

Just like any disorder, alcohol addiction is treatable. Here at Skyward Treatment, we commend individuals who accept that they need help to recover. We have different treatment programs developed to treat various addictions.

Here are some of our treatment programs for alcohol addiction:

Medically-Assisted Detox

This treatment involves eliminating toxins and leftover alcohol from your body. This is the first step in the program after evaluating your needs. Also, this is medically assisted, meaning our professional healthcare providers monitor you while undergoing detox.

Outpatient Treatment Program

In Outpatient Treatment Program, patients don’t need to undergo detox and residential treatment. But, this program is only for patients with mild alcohol addiction.

Residential Treatment Program

A Residential Treatment Program is where a patient stays at a treatment facility for a specified period to receive medical treatment. As part of their recovery process, healthcare professionals monitor them 24/7 to ensure efficient recovery and assurance.

Skyward Treatment is based in Houston, Texas. If you have more questions or clarifications, our helpline is open, reach out to us today.

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