Ultimate Checklist If It's Time to Get Addiction Help

Ultimate Checklist If It’s Time to Get Addiction Help

People with addiction typically hide it from the people around them. They are in denial of their situation. But in reality, they cannot hide it from themselves. It is easier to hide it from others, but not from yourself.

Do you want to know whether you need addiction help? Answer this checklist with yes or no. At the end of this checklist, you will know whether you need help or not.

Which of the following applies to you?

  1. When you talk to your friends, family members, or significant others, do they bring up your drinking?
  2. Have you experienced getting in trouble with the law while drinking? How many times? Did you experience it multiple times that you lost count?
  3. Do you catch colds more often? Did you notice the decline in your health when you started drinking?
  4. Are you experiencing financial problems because of drinking?
  5. Did you lose your job or on the verge of losing it because of your drinking?
  6. Did you notice that your cognitive skills are not as sharp as before? Do you forget a lot?
  7. Did you notice that you don’t get drunk after many bottles or glasses of alcohol?
  8. Do you drink whenever?
  9. Do you feel irritable when you can’t get your hands on any alcohol?
  10. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink for a long period?

Answer these questions to determine whether you need help or not. If you answer “YES” on most questions, seek help immediately.

Get the Best Help from the Best Rehab

Admitting that you have a drinking problem is the first step to your recovery. Don’t be ashamed if you develop an alcohol abuse disorder. It is a disease that can be treated.

Skyward Treatment is here to help you bounce back. We got the best Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Houston, Texas. If you think you’re ready to battle your addiction, call us today!

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