Undergoing Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas

Undergoing Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas

Studies show that about 16% of patients seeking addiction treatment also have another underlying mental health disorder. In such cases, these underlying mental health conditions could be the reason behind developing an addiction. One chooses addictive substances as a coping mechanism for their mental health issues. Thus, in such cases, patients should go for dual recovery treatment. 

A dual recovery treatment means both the issues-addiction and underlying mental health disorders will be treated simultaneously. If any one of the disorders is left untreated, it could become a reason for relapse. 

Symptoms of Dual Diagnosis

Both these conditions will be occurring simultaneously, unfortunately, not everyone can identify both the issues. Therefore, here are the symptoms of both the issues which can help an individual understand their condition better: 

  1. Symptoms of addiction:
  • Failed attempts to quitting addictive substances 
  • Creating dependency on the substance 
  • Engaging in risky activities while under the influence of the substances 
  • Developing tolerance
  • Withdrawing from loved ones 
  1.  Symptoms of underlying mental health conditions:
  • Difficulty working in social or work setting 
  • Unorganized speech 
  • Changes in sleep and eating habits 
  • Losing the desire to interact with others
  • Confused thought process and behavior 
  • Extreme mood swings 

Causes of Mental Health Disorders and Addiction

Mental health disorders can happen due to various reasons such as: 

  • Genetics: certain genes in an individual’s body can make them prone to developing mental health disorders and addiction. 
  • Brain development: consuming drugs or alcohol at a young age makes the individual more susceptible to mental health issues and addiction. 
  • Childhood Trauma: certain traumatic events which took place in the past like physical, mental, or sexual abuse or loss of a loved one, etc. can lead someone to develop mental health disorders along with addiction. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Treating both addiction and underlying mental health conditions is important. It is even more important to treat both at the same place to avoid any inconvenience to the patients. Therefore, Skyward Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas offers dual recovery options to the patients suffering from such a condition. 
If one plans to treat any one of the disorders, there is a high chance that they might relapse due to the other ongoing condition. Hence, such patients should go for dual recovery at our rehab center. Contact our center now to get more details about the program.

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