Understanding Addiction and Its Most Common Signs

Understanding Addiction and Its Most Common Signs

There are many misconceptions about addiction like it happens because a person is weak, people are bad, and people who have an addiction are inferior to others. People need to realize that addiction is not like that. Addiction is a chronic disease that needs treatment.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is classified as a long-lasting, recurrent condition marked by compulsive drug seeking and use despite negative effects. It is recognized as a brain disorder because it involves functional alterations to brain circuits related to reward, stress, and self-control. After a person stops using drugs, the alterations could last for a very long time.

Similar to other illnesses like heart disease, addiction is a chronic disease. Both interfere with an organ’s natural functions and are frequently preventable and treatable. They can last a lifetime and even result in death if untreated.

Risk factors that contribute to addiction are genetics, environment, mental health disorder, early use, drug of choice, and method of use.

How to Know If You Have Addiction?

When you begin to enjoy the effect of a specific medication drug and starts to rely on it, there is a high chance that you might succumb to addiction. The factors that are mentioned above determine the cause of addiction.

But how can you know if you already have an addiction? These early warning signs can be your guide to know if you are already dependent and abusing drugs.


Some people regularly use drugs without developing an addiction to them. But if you stress over using drugs or continuously wonder when you’ll get your next hit, you probably have an addiction.

Social Withdrawal

Spending less time with friends and family and more time with drug users is a key warning sign. Everyone and everything becomes insignificant when you become addicted to drugs.


Your body is building a tolerance to the drugs if you take more medication than is recommended to have the same result. The development of tolerance is a symptom that you may become addicted to drugs.


Tolerance and dependence are not the same. When you become dependent on a substance, you are unable to operate “normally” without it. However, when you use drugs or alcohol, you feel more grounded and normal. It indicates addiction.


Withdrawal is a sure sign that you have an addiction.

Addiction Rehab in Houston, Texas

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