Understanding Inpatient Alcohol Detox in Houston: What to Expect

Understanding Inpatient Alcohol Detox in Houston: What to Expect

If there’s one serious problem that’s been affecting millions of people in the United States of America, then this is probably alcohol addiction. While there are many treatment options available, one of the most effective is an Inpatient Alcohol Detox.

In Houston, our rehabilitation facility provides this program. So if you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s important to understand what happens during an Inpatient Alcohol Detox at Skyward Treatment.

The first step in this process is going through a thorough assessment by certified medical professionals. This assessment will look at a person’s physical and mental health, as well as their history of alcohol use. This information is vital as it will be used to develop a customized detox plan that takes into account each person’s individual needs.

Once the detox plan has been developed, the actual detoxification process can begin.

During this process, the patient will be closely monitored by our staff to ensure that they’re safe and comfortable. Depending on the severity of the addiction, medications can be used to help manage the withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to medication, other therapies can also be used during an Inpatient Alcohol Detox. These can include individual or group therapy sessions, as well as holistic treatments such as massage, yoga, and meditation. These therapies will help address the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction, which are just as important as the physical aspects.

Overall, an Inpatient Alcohol Detox is something highly structured and intensive. It’s also designed to help people safely and effectively overcome alcohol addiction.

While it can be challenging, know that there are places like Skyward Treatment that are eager to help you should you require our assistance.

So if you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, know that it’s important to seek help from a qualified medical professional as soon as possible.

Give us a call today at Skyward Treatment to know how to get started.

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