Understanding Marijuana Addiction

Understanding Marijuana Addiction

What is marijuana addiction?

Many people are under the false illusion that marijuana isn’t addictive. However, as marijuana is legalized in many states across America, people are getting more access to different forms of this compound, including flower, edibles, oils, vape liquids, concentrates, and much more.

The use of marijuana can adversely affect multiple aspects of your daily life, including lapses in judgment, impaired memory, slow response times, and relationship problems. All of these are signs that you could have a marijuana addiction.

A study was undertaken on marijuana users identified that almost 30% of people had some level of marijuana addiction.

In a report done by Science Daily, they noted that almost 6 million people in the United States met the diagnostic criteria needed to be considered as having a marijuana use disorder or addiction. Marijuana can have various names and be taken in many different ways.

Some people are more prone to use marijuana than others. These people include:

  • Family History of Substance Use Disorder
  • Peer Pressure
  • Underlying Mental Health Disorder
  • Lack of Social Support or Family Involvement

Understanding Marijuana Addiction – Conclusion

Many people falsely believe that marijuana is a harmless drug without any adverse side effects. However, when used for long periods, you can not only get addicted to marijuana but also experience negative side effects from that usage.

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