Understanding the Reasons behind “Angry Drunk” 

Understanding the Reasons behind “Angry Drunk” 

Alcohol has several side effects on the consumer’s mind and body. Apart from the physical damage, it also causes some behavioral changes which can be observed when the person is drunk. One of those behavioral changes is becoming angry. 

Researchers have found a strong connection between alcohol and anger. An “angry drunk” is dangerous to handle. They can harm themselves and also those around them without realizing it. Thus, it is important to know the reasons supporting the “angry drunk” state. 

Factors behind Anger Issues due to Alcohol 

There is a list of factors that can make a person angry while drunk. Some of the factors are: 

  • Gender: studies show that men become angrier when drunk than women. It happens especially to those men who try to suppress some unpleasant thoughts when sober. It all comes out in the form of anger when drunk. 
  • Drinking habits: binge-drinkers tend to be angrier than ones who drink less often. Binge drinking is responsible for angry and violent behavior. 
  • Peer influence: even if one of the members of the group behaves aggressively while drunk for repeated sessions, others might get influenced by their behavior and become angry while drunk. 
  • Mental health: this is a common behavior among people who drink to overcome their depression, anxiety, etc. PTSD is a common mental health condition that leads to an aggressive behavior after getting drunk. 

It does not end at just getting angry when drunk, this behavior can easily take the form of violence if not controlled in time. Thus, if you know anyone who is suffering from this issue, it is better to seek help from professionals at Skyward Treatment

We can help the people of Fort Worth, Texas to overcome their addiction and behavioral issues. Contact us now to book a consultation. 

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