8 Best Vacation Spots to Experience the Thrill of Sobriety

Staying sober doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice vacations. There are places where temptation is abundant, but there are more places where you can have wholesome fun and relaxation without worrying about staying sober.

8 Best Vacation Spots to Experience the Thrill of Sobriety

For the best vacation spots when you are trying to be sober, keep reading for the top 8.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is known for its gastronomic experience. With a market full of Japanese street food, you will end up being filled and happy. There’s also a lot of walking to its tourist spots that you will be forced to do a little exercise. Don’t worry, this is a good balance after all that eating that you’ll be doing.

Nashville, USA

Nashville, also known as “Music City”, is one of the soberest cities in the whole country. Apart from the alcohol recovery programs that it has built, it also has a thriving community of music lovers and outdoor activities. Residents of Nashville will be happy to welcome you to their culture, touring you to wonderful sights and music events. You’ll even find yourself enjoying the simplicity of it all.

Marrakesh, Morocco

As a country whose majority of its residents are Muslims, drinking is not an activity you’ll find very often. Instead, you’ll be enjoying the many stalls that offer street food, clothes, bags, and other trinkets that show Moroccan culture. To add to that, there are a few palaces and gardens that you can visit on a day trip where you can learn about how the Moroccan culture came to be.

Orlando, USA

One of the most known amusement park places in the country is Orlando. Home to the famous Disney World, Universal Resort, and SeaWorld, you’ll love to spend a day in each of these parks. Aside from the fact that you’re in a theme park with exciting rides, alcohol is barely available in these places. Instead, you can drink different and unique non-alcoholic juices from their stores and restaurants.

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru is the home of none other than Machu Picchu. If you are planning on exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site, expect to wake up early and preparing for a long day under the sun. Because of the climate and the activities, you will be doing, you would want to stay sober for the full length of your trip.

Chang Mai, Thailand

Another gastronomic city is Chang Mai, located a few hours away from Bangkok. As a city, Chang Mai is filled with temples and pagodas. If you plan on being in serene and religious places, this place is a great destination. You’ll learn more about Thailand’s culture and religion. What’s great about Chang Mai is that the food here is very affordable. With lots of options to choose from, your stomach will be filled with food by the end of the day.

Tanzania, Africa

One of the best places around the world to go to when you want to be up close to wildlife is Tanzania. Its serene landscape of animals and grass will give you a different perspective on how other people live around the world. Devoid of noise, nightclubs, buildings, and vehicles, you’ll love the fact that you came here sober. Alcohol might even be the last thing on your mind after seeing its peaceful surroundings.

Santorini, Greece

A lot of people have a misconception that Santorini is a place you want to avoid if you want to remain sober. On the contrary, Santorini is a place where you will enjoy staying up late without needing alcohol. This colorful and dynamic tourist destination is filled with people who have fun without drinking a single drop of alcohol. There are so many restaurants, shopping stalls, parties that will introduce you to people around the world.

Staying sober can be difficult when you are going on vacation, but know that it is possible to not have a drink of alcohol at some destinations. Of course, a big factor in your success is the culture of the place you’ll visit. Naturally, it’s best to visit cities that do not have a drinking culture or at least have a lot of their own food, landscape, and historic culture that will keep your mind away from alcohol.

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