What all do we Talk About in Group Therapy?

What all do we Talk About in Group Therapy?

There are several ways to help patients overcome their substance addiction. One such method is group therapy. This is a mode of therapy where a group of strangers with similar addiction issues sit together and discuss various topics. These group therapy sessions are supervised by an expert from the rehab center who also guides the patients facing any difficulties. 

Group therapy is an effective mode of addiction treatment and includes a healthy discussion on various topics. Let’s learn more about the same. 

Topics Included in a Group Therapy Session 

Group therapy sessions are not just chit-chat sessions where patients meet to discuss random topics. The discussion in these sessions revolves around specific topics related to addiction treatment. Some of those topics are: 

  1. Stories of recovery 

The therapist begins the session by asking the participants to share their stories of recovery. This also works as an ice-breaker. Every patient has a unique story from which all the participants can learn. As the session proceeds, the group has several different recovery stories to gain insights. 

  1. Traumatic experiences 

Trauma is considered one of the major factors behind addiction. Sharing their traumatic stories and how they overcame the situation allows other participants to learn from them. Also, talking about trauma makes the individual feel lighter inside and can focus better on recovery. 

  1. Family issues 

Family ties and other relationships are the most affected due to addiction. Talking about the same in group therapy sessions can give insights into how one can rebuild broken relationships. 

  1. Forgiveness 

Forgiveness is another benefit of group therapy. Holding onto guilt, hurt, betrayal, etc. does not help in recovering from addiction. Instead, talking about them and seeking forgiveness for the same help. 

  1. Triggers 

This is the main topic to talk about in group therapy. Discussing types of triggers can help everyone learn how to handle those triggers and avoid relapse. 

Group therapy is a key mode of treatment used by the professionals at Skyward Treatment. Enroll in the program now and take a step ahead toward a lifetime of sobriety. 

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