What are the Effects of Dual Diagnosis on Patients and their Families?

What are the Effects of Dual Diagnosis on Patients and their Families?

Before knowing about the effects of dual diagnosis on patients and their families, let us first understand what it means. 

Dual diagnosis is a mode of treatment where more than one health disorder is treated simultaneously. These disorders mainly include substance addiction or abuse disorder and an underlying mental and/or physical health condition. There are cases where one is often the reason or result of another pre-existing disorder. These cases need special attention and treatment. 

Read further to know more about how dual diagnosis can impact the lives of patients and their families. 

How are Patients Affected by Dual Diagnosis? 

As we mentioned before, dual diagnosis targets more than one existing health disorder. Thus, when a patient is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse disorder along with certain mental and/or physical health conditions, both can be treated at once. 

It is often the case where a patient is suffering from any mental health condition and begins to consume alcohol or drugs as a method of self-medication. The same condition can also be reversed when the patient develops mental health condition due to substance use. 

Since both conditions can be the result or cause of the other, therefore, they need to be treated simultaneously. If one of them is left untreated, it can lead to a relapse. Thus, to prevent such a condition, it is necessary to treat the co-occurring disorders at once. 

How are Family Members Affected by Dual Diagnosis? 

Addiction never affects just the patient. Their family memebrs are equally affected by their behavior and substance abuse. The patient, intentionally or unintentionally levies a lot of emotional burden on their family‚Äôs shoulder. As a result, the family members are also hurt emotionally. 

Thus, to help the family as a whole, dual diagnosis involves family therapy. This allows the patient and the family to get over the emotional traumas and sort out the differences. The counselor also assures that all of this done in a healthy way without causing any further harm. 

Thus, it can be said that dual diagnosis is equally important for the family members of the patient. 

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