What is Hangxiety: Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas? 

What is Hangxiety: Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas? 

You would have heard about the term “anxiety”, but have you ever heard of a word called “hangxiety”? 

Hangxiety is a relatively new term issued to a condition usually experienced after a night of binge drinking. It is mainly a mix of feeling anxious during a hangover. You would have experienced a severe headache and anxiety in the morning after a nice session of drinking the previous night. Well, this is exactly what is known as hangxiety. 

Here’s how the experts explain the term and the experiences associated with it. 

What is Hangxiety?

Hangxiety is a mixed feeling of anxiety after a session of binge drinking. When you consume alcohol, it affects the dopamine levels in your brain resulting in a happy feeling. When the effect of alcohol wears off the next morning, people experience anxiety and hangovers. This is especially the case among people who already suffer from anxiety and choose alcohol to feel better. 

How Does Alcohol Worsen Anxiety Issues? 

You might wonder how this is possible because alcohol often helps people with their anxiety issues. Well, this isn’t entirely true. Alcohol influxes the GABA making you feel relaxed but the moment the effect begins to wear off, you will get anxious again. 

Who is More Vulnerable To Hangxiety?

People already suffering from depression and anxiety are more likely to experience hangxiety. They will feel better while under the influence of alcohol but the moment it reduces, the feelings of depression and anxiety rush back. These can become worse with time leading to consuming more alcohol. 

Is Alcohol Similar to Anxiety Medications? 

Alcohol may act similar to the anxiety medications such as benzodiazepines, but it is surely not the cure. Benzodiazepines also work by inducing GABA, like alcohol. Therefore, people end up self-medicating themselves using alcohol instead of taking the right medicines. 

Is Hangxiety a Sign of Alcohol Use Disorder? 

If you are using alcohol as a coping mechanism for anxiety, then yes it is a sign of alcohol use disorder or AUD. It is a continuous cycle. You consume alcohol to feel better, the effect wears off making you anxious again and you make another drink to relive this feeling. This behavior continues and you end up having AUD with other mental and physical health problems. 

How Can You Treat Hangxiety?

Hangxiety is just as treatable as any other illness. All you need to do is, consult a professional at a rehab center. You can come to Skyward Treatment in Sugar Land, Texas. The rehab center has qualified staff who are trained in helping patients overcome issues like anxiety, depression, AUD, and other drug and alcohol-related problems. 

Visit our center today or fix an appointment with our experts. 

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