What is Marijuana Addiction?

What is Marijuana Addiction?

Is marijuana addictive?

When you think of drug addiction, marijuana is probably not the drug you have in mind. Most people think of “harder” drugs, such as heroin, alcohol, or even prescription drugs.

But marijuana is a drug and it’s addictive. When marijuana use disrupts someone’s life or decreases the quality of their life, this is called marijuana addiction or marijuana use disorder. Thirty percent of people who use marijuana have some type of marijuana use disorder.

In recent years, many states have legalized marijuana and permit it for medical purposes. But even under a doctor’s care, marijuana can still become addictive.

Signs of a marijuana dependency

Most people who have a marijuana use disorder have withdrawal symptoms when they don’t use it in a few days or weeks.

Signs of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • irritability
  • mood problems
  • sleep difficulties
  • decreased appetite or cravings
  • restlessness

Seeking treatment for marijuana use disorder

The first step is recognizing there’s a problem with marijuana use. Again, people often think their marijuana dependency is normal because marijuana is not viewed as a hard drug. If marijuana dependency interferes with your life – such as your job or your personal relationships – it’s time to get help.

The second step is contacting the drug addiction specialists at Skyward Treatment Center. We’re available 24/7 and offer same-day admissions. We can discuss your marijuana use and determine if you have a marijuana use disorder. Schedule an assessment today.

Treating marijuana addiction at Skyward Treatment Center

Marijuana abuse treatment is personalized, keeping each patient’s unique needs in mind. We take the time to understand the history of your addiction, how it’s affecting your life, and the best way to help you beat your addiction.

Treatment plans may include:

Medical detox

This type of detox involves withdrawing from a drug with assistance from medications and under the care of a medical team. Medical detox ensures the user has a better withdrawal experience and is more likely to continue with their detox, instead of succumbing to the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.

Medication management

Medical management helps a user take their medication consistently and safely. This is important for people who are known to abuse or avoid taking their prescriptions.

Individual therapy

Therapy helps people process their thoughts and learn tips for coping with challenges. This is vital when it comes to beating drug addiction.

Group therapy

Group therapy, simply called group, is also effective at helping people talk out their problems. Another benefit of group is sharing and feeling heard among people who are experiencing the same type of addiction.

Family workshops

Drug addiction often affects families just as much as it affects the user. Family workshops are like group therapy, but only involve close family members. During these workshops, family members weigh in and become part of the drug treatment process. This helps establish support, which is important for users battling addiction.

Ready to begin treatment for marijuana addiction? Call the addiction treatment team at Skyward Treatment Center at 713-815-4471.



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