What We Need to Know About Dual Diagnosis Disorders

What We Need to Know About Dual Diagnosis Disorders

This might not be the first time you’ve heard about the term “dual diagnosis,” but do you know what this means?

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, dual diagnosis “is a term for when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously.” This disorder is pretty self-explanatory, hence its name.

Now, our team at Skyward Treatment is always looking for ways to educate our readers and prospective patients when it comes to the dangers of addiction and the beauty of recovery.

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything we need to know about dual diagnosis.

Some of the most common dual diagnoses can be in the following forms:

  • Anxiety Disorders and Cocaine Addiction
  • Depression and Heroin Addiction
  • Anti-Social Personality Disorders and Alcoholism

While this is still on a case-to-case basis, it’s best to keep in mind that we should be offering support and love to those suffering from dual diagnosis. Remember that it’s hard to suffer from one disorder, let alone two, right?

Here at Skyward Treatment, we offer countless programs that can help each patient with the disorders they’re suffering from. Although if you’re suffering from dual diagnosis disorder, then the following programs could be recommended:

It’s best to understand that these treatments are vital to ensure that you’re going to get on that road toward addiction recovery and that you’ll get the help you need.

Not only that, but it’s best to remember that Skyward Treatment has a team of qualified physicians and certified medical professionals. You’ll know that you’re in great hands with our team here at Skyward Treatment.

So why not give us a call today to schedule an assessment to see which program might be a great fit for you or your loved ones?

Know that Skyward Treatment’s doors are always open, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful and intimate rehabilitation center in Houston, Texas.

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