Why can’t you do a Fentanyl Detox at Home?

Why can’t you do a Fentanyl Detox at Home?

All of us are well aware of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But what we have neglected in the process is the already existing fentanyl epidemic. Fentanyl is a prescription medicine and a form of opioid given to patients to relieve extreme pain. Although it is medicine, fentanyl is still a highly addictive drug and that is what has caused the epidemic. 

If you too are struggling with fentanyl addiction and planning to detox on your own, we would suggest you take a step back and think twice. Fentanyl detox is not easy. That’s why experts recommend you detox only at a rehab center. Let’s find out why. 

Why can’t you Detox at Home?

One of the sole reasons for recommending a professionally supervised detox is the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Fentanyl detox brings along a list of withdrawal symptoms that are extremely harsh to handle. Some of those symptoms are:

  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Stomach cramps 
  • Goosebumps, chills, and sweating 
  • Extreme pain 
  • Irritability and mood swings 
  • Runny nose 
  • Watery eyes 
  • Excessive yawning 

Imagine the kind of pain you would be in when all the symptoms begin to show. You would expect some sort of medical aid to ease these out and that’s what rehab centers do. They provide the necessary medical aid to ease these symptoms. 

There are other benefits too of attending a medically-assisted detox such as: 

  • Round-the-clock supervision and care
  • Provides necessary medications to reduce the intensity of the symptoms 
  • Peer support and addiction education are available 
  • Access to therapies and counselors 
  • Aftercare support 
  • Learn techniques to prevent relapse

Choose the Right Rehab

If you are planning to seek help from a rehab center for fentanyl detox, consider visiting our facility-Skyward Treatment. It is open to all the citizens of Fort Worth who need help. Contact our team now and book a visit to our fabulous rehab facility. 

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