Why Do You Get Addicted to Prescription Drugs Easily?

Why Do You Get Addicted to Prescription Drugs Easily?

When you hear the word addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is cocaine, heroin, or marijuana. Nowadays, the common cause of addiction is prescription drugs.

Getting addicted to drugs is not uncommon, even if they are prescription drugs. People who feel severe pain depends on prescription drugs to ease their struggles, without knowing that they are getting addicted. It is not to be ashamed of.

But early awareness that you start to depend on any prescription drugs is the first step in quitting. And you have to understand why you get addicted to prescription drugs easily.

Prescription Drug Addiction

There are two types of addiction. The first is psychological addiction. It is where people addicted to prescription drugs use it to achieve its pleasurable effects. The second one is a physical addiction. When people try to quit their substance abuse, they feel the distressing symptoms of withdrawal. In this case, they use drugs to avoid physical symptoms.

Some people take prescription drugs for no reason. It is known as recreational drug use. Often, recreational users get addicted to prescription drugs easily.

Doctors use prescription drugs for patients with severe surgery pain, cancer, or chronic pain, usually opioids. Understandably, people who experience unbearable pain depend on taking prescription drugs to alleviate their suffering. But taking a higher dosage than recommended to feel more sensations like euphoria is dangerous. It is a common reason why people get addicted to prescription drugs easily.

How To Know If You Need Addiction Recovery Treatment?

Your first step to quitting prescription drug abuse is recognizing that you are abusing drugs. Here are the common signs that you are abusing prescribed drugs:

  • Taking higher doses than recommended
  • Mood changes when unable to take the drugs
  • Lying or concealing your prescription drug use
  • Getting your mood boost by taking prescription drugs
  • Feeling sedated or drowsy
  • Asking different doctors to get more prescription drugs

If you recognize these signs from you or your loved ones, do not feel ashamed to call for help.

Admitting that you are dependent on prescription drugs and deciding to quit is the bravest thing that you can do.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we offer Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment to help you quit being dependent on prescribed drugs.

If you want help and want to know more, call us! We are here to help!

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