Why is Alcohol so Popular Among Athletes?

Why is Alcohol so Popular Among Athletes?

Addictive substances like drugs and alcohol are a big no when it comes to sports and athletics. Athletes are expected to compete with their natural strength and not with the help of some energy-boosting agents. Unfortunately, many athletes abuse drugs and alcohol in the hope of better performance and end up with permanent health issues instead. 

This not only affects their health but also hinders their performance and reputation. Let’s read more about why athletes abuse substances and what are its side effects. 

Why do Athletes Rely on Substances?

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances among athletes, especially student-athletes. People in this field rely on alcohol for various reasons: 

  1. To reduce anxiety and stress 

It is normal to feel anxious and stressed before a big game or a race. But drinking alcohol to calm down is not an option. Drinking even a night before the big day can greatly impact an athlete’s performance. 

  1. Social and team aspects

Team sports need all the teammates to bond with each other to perform well and one of the most preferred ways to do it is alcohol. Teammates might sit together and have a few drinks and gel up better with each other. But what they forget is the quality of their performance. 

  1. To relieve physical pain 

We all know alcohol works well to relieve physical pain. Even athletes at times use it for the same purpose. However, what they ignore is the after-effects of alcohol. 

  1. To celebrate victory 

Alcohol is often seen in victory celebrations. Athletes party hard after winning a game and end up blacking out or injuring themselves and their teammates. This also often arises conflict among the teammates, again, leading to a bad performance at tournaments. 

Consuming alcohol due to the above-mentioned reasons not only spoils an athlete’s performance but also pushes them closer to addiction. Thus, it is advisable to seek assistance the moment an athlete feels dependent on the substance. They can always approach Skyward Treatment for help. 
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