What’s the Difference Between Rehab and Treatment?

What’s the Difference Between Rehab and Treatment?

Treatment for addiction can seem complex. Since people have a lot at stake such as family, job, friends and health, the feeling can be overwhelming. Moreover, each person’s reason for addiction is different and it can be specific. 

So, how do you figure out the perfect way to tackle the problem? Let us try by understanding the difference between treatment and rehab.

Treatment for Addiction recovery

We can understand the same by looking at the different ways in which treatment for addiction is given:

  • Medically-assisted detox: Centers adopt a medically assisted detox method for relieving the patients of any physical addiction. The type of detox would depend upon the severity of their addiction, its length and the type of substance. 
  • Group Therapy: People also go for group therapy to bond with like-minded people and talk about their problems. Group therapy is an inviting place to share your thoughts and feelings without any judgment. 
  • One-on-one therapy: Working on your addiction requires a therapist to work on your specific addiction. Therapy would include Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy are some examples of one-on-one therapy. 
  • Individualized therapy: Begin by realizing the fact that your addiction is unique. We all have different reasons for beginning our addiction and sticking to it. Therefore, general methods of therapy such as the 12 steps might not do much good. 
  • Holistic treatment: Treatment for addiction is not just all about therapy and speaking with a few people. It is about treating your mind, body and spirit. You have to learn to live with healthy coping mechanisms, hobbies and healthy eating habits. 
  • Aftercare treatment: The treatment does not end with when the person gets out of detox and rehab. Your journey towards sobriety begins when you exit therapy and enter normal life. 

Rehab for addiction recovery

To enter rehab, you firstly need to pay close attention to your budget. Since there are two kinds of rehab namely, outpatient and inpatient. Your budget is going to help you determine what rehab that you will be able to afford. 

Then, you should be able to determine how severe your addiction is. If it’s severe, then inpatient rehab should be your option. Otherwise go for an outpatient addiction program. 

Also, if you want to stay near your house, then the outpatient rehab should be your option. For more information, get in touch with our experts at Skyward Treatment.

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