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Despite many common misconceptions of drug addiction as a moral issue or one which only affects the homeless or mentally ill; we currently know that such is not the case. Researchers, physicians, and other eminent professionals all agree that drug addiction is in fact a multifaceted but treatable disease. Addiction, like most diseases, progresses when left untreated and may also include other co-occurring issues including mental health and medical problems. In fact, addiction can start out as innocuously as teenage experimentation or an over-prescription of pain or anxiety medications. Before the person knows it they can be caught in a downward spiral, chasing ever more elusive highs as the substance use disorder and eventual physical and emotional dependence develops. Once this happens, it is incredibly difficult to quit, and even the idea of stopping the substance use without professional help can be daunting. When beginning to look at the idea of treatment for drug addiction, there are many things which come to mind for the individual involved and their loved ones to consider. You will likely want to choose a drug rehab center which understands and can effectively treat the root causes of addiction as well as the current symptoms and behavior of the client. You will want to have the drug addiction treatment center understand the any specific issues which arise from the client’s drug of choice, including the need for medical detoxification, and who will be able to carefully craft an addiction treatment program tailored to them that will ensure the highest success rate possible for long-term sobriety.

Drug Addiction Causes:

  • Social Experimentation
  • Traumatic Life Event
  • Over-Prescription
  • Mental Health Illness
  • Genetics
  • Environmental Pressure
  • Childhood Upbringing
  • Peer Pressure

These are just some of the many causes of drug addiction, and the onset of drug use may be due to one or a combination of those listed. Frequently, people with drug addiction begin their use in response to overwhelming stress or a traumatic life event, and find that the use of substances helps them to cope with or numb out from emotional or psychological pain. However, many other people report that prescription medications used for legitimate purposes to begin with can become overprescribed and lead to physical dependence.

Sometimes people suffering from drug addiction have other mental health issues to begin with, or the use of substances can cause damage to their lives which leads to anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns. Regardless of the root cause, it is important to seek treatment with a drug addiction treatment center which understands the various different factors which go into the onset and progression of drug addiction.

Genetic researchers also know that a family history of addiction can also factor heavily when looking at the root causes of a substance use disorder. Studies have shown that individuals who have addiction in their family history are more likely to suffer from drug addiction. Identifying the causes of each client’s addictive disorder, in order to tailor the program specifically to their needs, is one of the first steps taken at Skyward Treatment Solutions.

Signs Of Drug Addiction:

Symptoms of Drug Addiction may vary from person to person and may also be different depending on their drug of choice – but here are a few common signs that substance use has progressed beyond “recreational” and it is time to seek help:

  • Having urges to consume drugs
  • Needing to increase the amount of substance used to achieve the same high
  • Prioritizing substance use over family events or other important obligations
  • Having arguments with loved ones over your drug use, or arguments due to being high or coming down
  • Spending money you had slated for other things on drugs – or borrowing or stealing from others in order to purchase substances
  • Dealing with painful withdrawals after coming down from a high.

 Drug Addiction Intervention:

If you have a loved one dealing with substance addiction; beginning with an intervention has been proven to be successful in pushing the individual towards substance abuse addiction treatment. Staging an intervention is not easy, and can be met with denial and aggression. However, having multiple family and friends there to show that the individual is loved and not being judged can help immensely in bringing the individual into treatment.

Skyward’s Treatment For Substance Abuse Disorder:

Skyward Treatment Solutions offers individualized treatment plans which are unique to each individual and their needs. We begin by assessing the individual and determining the level of care they need. We then tailor our program based on what drug the individual is addicted to, their history, and their personal needs while in treatment. We also offer medically assisted detox in order to help individuals cease using drugs without having to suffer painful withdrawals.

Skyward Treatment Solution Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Programs Offered:

    • Medically Assisted Detox – Our medically assisted detox program offers comprehensive treatment for the acute detox period once a person stops using drugs, and helps ease the pain of withdrawal. We have expert medical staff trained in medically assisted detox who will be with you round the clock to ensure that you get through your detox in comfort. Medically assisted detox helps with any pain and offers relief from the overwhelming cravings which can prevent a person from being able to stop using drugs on their own.  


    • Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Dual Diagnosis Treatment is a good option for people who have mental health conditions which may either be part of the substance use disorder or when we notice the underlying addiction stems from a mental health illness. We combine mental health therapy with our substance rehabilitation program in order to deal with the addiction from the source. 


    • Intensive Outpatient Program – For clients who have already gone through an inpatient program, or for those who are dealing with milder symptoms, our Intensive Outpatient Program may be the best choice. Intensive Outpatient treatment allows you to receive therapy and treatment while still living in your home environment, and combines the necessary support to cope with any level of substance use disorder without requiring inpatient treatment. 


    • Inpatient Residential Treatment – We offer 30, 60, & 90 day programs depending on the severity of the addiction and the client’s individual needs. In this setting, the client stays with us at our beautiful, medical grade facility in order to have all of the benefits of detoxification and intensive counseling. This program takes place in a setting where we promote sobriety and offer unique recreational activities and holistic interventions to allow you to recapture the lost parts of yourself.  


    • Individual & Group Counseling – Our individual and group counselors dive into the source of your addiction and the damaging effects of it; while teaching practical and realistic coping skills so that you can heal and begin a new chapter. Incorporating individual and group counseling has been shown to assist in drug addiction rehabilitation. The safe space we provide for our clients gives them an outlet to express their struggles and gives us the opportunity to treat the emotional and psychological effects of addiction.

Contact Us Today if you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse addiction. There is no single treatment plan for drug addiction rehabilitation. Our individualized and evidence-based treatment protocols and programs are designed with three things in mind:

  1. Treating the physical aspect of addiction
  2. Treating the mental aspect of addiction
  3. Providing our clients with tools and mechanisms to prepare them for a life free of addiction.

Admitting there is an addiction is the first step. Let us do the rest for you. Skyward Treatment Solutions is Houston’s leading Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center and our mission is to provide a safe and healing place for medical detox and drug addiction rehabilitation, while giving our clients the tools needed in order to remain sober outside of rehab. We take pride in what we do and giving our clients a shot at a new beginning in life is what we do best. Call Our 24/7 Admissions Hotline and begin your new journey to sobriety.

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