All You Need To Know About The Early Signs Of Addiction

All You Need To Know About The Early Signs Of Addiction

Any sort of addiction to drugs and alcohol does not go unnoticed. The body tries to demonstrate these signs in its own way. We just need to be alert enough to identify them. The signs could be spotted as a change in physical, psychological, social or emotional behavior. 

Given below is a detailed explanation regarding some of the common early signs of addiction and how to detect them. 

  • Unable to control the consumption

During the early phase of addiction, comes a stage where the user begins to lose control over the urge of consuming alcohol or drugs. They are not even ready to accept that they are addicted, in fact believe that they would be able to quit them whenever they want. Sadly, that’s not the case and soon the addiction becomes severe. The changes are noticeable in the person’s behavior as they engage themselves in risky activities. 

  • Social problems and tainted relationships

An addict will show sudden changes in how they handle their social responsibilities and valuable relationships. They will neglect certain social commitments, family gatherings etc. which they happily used to be a part of before addiction. One might even start to pick unnecessary fights or answer impolitely to their loved ones. These sudden behavioral changes are evidence for addiction and the user needs help.  

  • Deteriorating performance at work, school or home

A person who used to be brilliant at work, school or home suddenly begins to neglect their responsibilities. An unexplained bad performance at any of these places could be a sign that  they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They would also skip classes, office hours or remain absent when the family needs them the most. This is an alarm that your loved one needs help. 

  • Getting into legal troubles 

A person addicted to drugs or alcohol also has higher chances of landing into legal troubles. They might get arrested for the possession or consumption of illegal drugs or even gambling. Once out of the matter, if they continue the similar behavior, it is a sign that they need assistance with their addiction problem. 

  • Physical effects of addiction 

Above mentioned are all behavioral changes that can be observed when under drug or alcohol influence. But the physical self will also portray some signs about addiction like sudden weight loss, dilated pupils, poor coordination, unexplained burn marks or cuts on the skin, continued vomiting and shaking and dental problems. There might be some other signs like chronic fatigue, insomnia and other problems depending on the substance consumed. 

Treatment at Skyward Center in Houston, TX 

If you notice any of these signs in your loved ones, be assured that they are addicted and need help from a professional. Skyward Treatment center helps such people to overcome addiction and get their lives back on track like before. 

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