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Making the decision to stop abusing drugs and alcohol is one of the most important and valuable choices a person can make in their life. It is the one decision which opens up a world of other options in recovery. However, for many people, there is a huge barrier to putting their goals into action: the pain and danger of detox. One of the primary indicators that substance use has become severe is the onset of withdrawals when a person tries to stop using drugs or alcohol, or runs out of the substance. The onset of acute withdrawals typically happens within several hours to two days after the last use of a drug, and depending on the substance, can have a variety of horrible symptoms which can cause the person to give up and use again. Detoxification from drugs and alcohol can be extremely physically and psychologically uncomfortable, leading to strong urges to relapse which are be felt as overwhelming to the person trying to get clean and sober. All too often the discomfort of withdrawal leads to relapse, as it is too strong of a feeling to get through alone. Even more importantly, detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be medically dangerous, as people who try to quit “cold turkey” are susceptible to medical instability which can lead to permanent damage or death.
With all of these barriers, most people find it very hard to detox on their own, or without the aid of a Medically Assisted Detox. Medically Assisted Detox is the process of utilizing medicines to control the instability of the autonomic nervous system, assisting the person trying to get clean through the period of acute withdrawal safely and in the greatest amount of comfort possible. Medically Assisted Detox is an option which can significantly ease the difficulty of the initial recovery period, which is the time that people are most prone to relapse.
In 2017, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study which indicated that rates of alcoholism had risen a shocking 49% since 2000. The study’s findings indicate that alcohol use disorder is a public health crisis, and found that one in eight American Adults – or 12.7 percent of the U.S. population, meet clinical criteria for alcoholism. Drug and alcohol use disorders are serious medical conditions, with potentially serious medical consequences and complications if left untreated.  Overdose deaths involving opioids, including prescription opioids, heroin, and synthetic opioids like fentanyl have increased over six times since 1999. Overdoses involving opioids killed nearly fifty thousand people in 2019 and nearly 73% of those deaths involved synthetic opioids. Moreover, preliminary studies and colloquial findings indicate that rates of drug and alcohol use disorders have increased significantly since the onset of COVID – with multiple potential factors involved, including increased stress and isolation, job loss, and a decrease in productive and enjoyable activities. Clearly, drug and alcohol abuse is a widespread and serious problem, and getting clean and sober with a Medically Assisted Detox Program can provide you or your loved one with the best option possible for long term health and happiness, and the opportunity to live a drug free life!
Medically Assisted Detox is typically done in a controlled environment which is staffed by medical personnel around the clock. It is important for medical professionals to monitor and observe the patient undergoing a Medically Assisted Detox, and to make adjustments if necessary, based on each person’s unique history and needs. The good news is that Medically Assisted Detox does not have to happen in a cold and unfriendly hospital setting. Skyward Treatment Solutions is a warm and welcoming treatment center which offers Medically Assisted Detox services in a comfortable and professional environment. At Skyward Treatment Solutions, we understand that while you are going through this difficult period in your life, you need competent, caring professionals and service which are individualized to you.
Addictions to some drugs are more likely to require Medically Assisted Detox than others. Alcohol, benzodiazepines, prescription opioids, and heroin are the substances most likely to require medically assisted detox. However, most if not all other drugs of abuse can also cause both painful and dangerous withdrawal symptoms, and treatment for these drugs can also be bolstered by a Medically Assisted Detox. Skyward Treatment Solutions treats all substance use disorders as serious and offers Medically Assisted Detox for a variety of substance use disorders.
The best Medically Assisted Detox programs have comprehensive nursing, medical, and clinical assessments in order to get to know your unique situation. Skyward Treatment Solutions utilizes qualified, licensed medical professionals who will be able to help you or your loved one get through a Medically Assisted Detox safely and in comfort. At Skyward Treatment Solutions Medically Assisted Detox program, you will be greeted by a multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals who will help you create an individualized plan to help you get through your detox. You will meet with our Psychologist for a Psych Eval, get a History and Physical done with our Nurse Practitioners, and do your Admission with one of our compassionate Master’s level Licensed Addiction Counselors. You can expect to see a medical prescriber daily to discuss updates on your detox process, make adjustments to your medications if necessary, and ensure you remain safe and comfortable throughout this time. At Skyward Treatment Solutions, we want you to know that you are supported by a qualified team who is here for you and who understands how to best assist you through your Medically Assisted Detox experience. Skyward Treatment Solutions staff will be there to help you every step of the way.
Skyward Treatment Solutions is one of the premier Medically Assisted Detox treatment centers in the country. Our dedicated and experienced team will work tirelessly for you. We will help you get a head start on your road to recovery by helping you through your Medically Assisted Detox in a warm and convenient setting where you will be able to begin your journey to a clean and sober lifestyle in the most comfortable manner possible. At Skyward Treatment Solutions, our patients feel the support and compassion of our team and benefit from their dedication and expertise.
Addiction is a deadly and devastating disease, and the consequences of addiction are steep. One of the most difficult parts of addiction is the physiological and emotional process that people go through when they are initially coming off of drugs or alcohol, and which can cause intense cravings and a return to substance use in order to end the pain.  Many people are unable to make it through the detoxification period of recovery on their own, and so they never get to reap the rewards of the clean and sober lifestyle they deserve. This is why a Medically Assisted Detox Treatment Center is so important as the first step on a lasting road to recovery. Skyward Treatment Solutions is Houston’s leading Medically Assisted Detox Treatment Center and our mission is to provide an experience where our clients can come to complete this necessary and important first step to the rest of their life. We take pride in what we do and giving our clients a shot at a new beginning is what we do best.

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