What Medications Are Used In MAT?

What Medications Are Used In MAT?

Medication – Assisted Treatment or MAT is a proven medicated form of treatment for those recovering from substance abuse disorder. It does not alter your treatment plan and efforts, but instead supports your treatment. 

Rehab centers using MAT programs consider safe and effective medications for the treatment of disorders like alcohol and drugs (opioid and nicotine). 

MAT Program At Skyward Treatment

The MAT program at Skyward Treatment uses prescribed medicines, professional supervision,  group therapy and personal counseling with an aim of providing a complete recovery to each of its patients. It also ensures to:

  • Reduce the chances of overdose
  • Encourages patients to hold on to their important life lessons 
  • Reduces the dependency and consumption of addictive substances
  • Improves birth outcomes in case of women

Types Of Medications Used 

The types of medications used for the MAT program depends on the substance consumed and time period of addiction. Example, if suffering from heroin or other opioid addiction, one may be prescribed: 

  1. Naltrexone: it will be given after the completion of the detox process to reduce the drug cravings. It is a non – addictive and non – sedating medicine and also blocks the high of drugs. 
  2. Buprinorphine: it is also recommended to treat opioid abuse as it reduces the drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Campral: it helps in overcoming withdrawal symptoms during the detox process.
  4. Antabuse: produces side effects when you consume alcohol after the intake of this medicine. It has unpleasant side effects which will lead you to avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

Additional Benefits Of MAT

It is by Federal law that MAT programs require the inclusion of pharmacologic treatments along with therapy, counseling and other behavioral treatments from qualified professionals. 

At Skyward Treatment, we assure you a complete recovery along with the use of the MAT program to help you overcome your addiction and other underlying mental or physical health issues. We are also open to customizing programs for you as per your requirements. 

Contact us now to know more about our medically – assisted treatment programs for the better recovery of our patients. We also offer several other treatment methods to ensure an overall recovery of our patients. 

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