Partial Hospitalization Program in Sugar Land, Texas

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP is a comprehensive outpatient program that provides both the support and structure that you need to begin your stabilization process as you enter this treatment. Why not look through our Partial Hospitalization Programs at Skyward Treatment?
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)_Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab

A Deeper Look Into PHP

Partial Hospitalization Programs are also known as “day treatment,” and it’s the level of substance use treatment that follows detox and inpatient residential treatment. This program will be beneficial for those who need more than a few days of short residential stay while having the support system they require.

Skyward Treatment offers one of the most reliable PHP in Sugar Land, Texas – with the help of our doctors and certified medical professionals, we aim to ensure your success. We provide this program to those who have completed their inpatient residential treatment but still want to carry on with their treatment in a safe space that will equip them with the proper techniques and a high level of care.

We believe that most structured treatments are vital, especially when it comes to achieving long-term addiction recovery and sobriety. This is why PHP is a highly effective program, as our patients will learn how to successfully manage their responsibilities while balancing their personal and social lives.

The question is this: are you ready to take on that next step with Skyward Treatment today?

What’s Included in PHP?

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)_Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab

Skyward Treatment accepts most insurance providers around the country. Reach out to us today to verify your insurance!

Assessing if PHP is Right for You

As you progress in your journey towards addiction recovery, Partial Hospitalization Programs or PHP might be the next best thing. This is a program that can help you safely and successfully transition back into your life and routine. Naturally, this comes after successfully going through an inpatient residential treatment.

PHP may be practical for those who want to rebuild their lives and mend their relationships with those they love.

Here at Skyward Treatment, we acknowledge that short-term inpatient programs will definitely lay the foundation for long-term recovery. Still, these programs don’t often provide enough time to complete a patient’s healing. This is why PHP could be a great fit for those who want to continue having a solid foundation and support system – this is what we offer.

If you think that PHP might be the right treatment for you, give us a call at Skyward Treatment to schedule an assessment with our team of certified medical professionals.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)_Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab

Do you want to start your journey towards a sober lifestyle today? Give us a call at Skyward Treatment to know how!

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