Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program
In Sugar Land, Texas

An inpatient program focused on therapy, wellness, and recreation.
Inpatient Rehab Services _ Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab

What’s an Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program?

Contrary to popular belief, substance abuse, and addiction are not moral failings. These are medical conditions that need to be addressed and treated, especially if you or your loved ones have been suffering from them for years on end.

Skyward Treatment is one of Sugar Land’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. We have a team of certified medical professionals that are always ready to assist you, and you can rest assured that you can count on us 24/7.

Not only that, but we also have a rehabilitation facility located in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas. All of our patients and their families can take advantage of the amenities offered at our space. It’s a guarantee that Skyward Treatment will be your “home away from home.”

Here at Skyward Treatment, we offer a wide range of Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Programs. We would love to tell you more about these programs should you want to know more.

Simply give us a call at Skyward Treatment for more information.

The Phases of Care at Skyward Treatment

The level of care offered at Skyward Treatment consists of three-phase continuum care. This is available for adults over 18, and the three phases are the following:

The Detoxification

It’s quite crucial that you detoxify your body from any drugs or alcohol that you have been addicted to. This is the first step to ensure that you’re really starting your physical healing. So once your physical healing begins, you can then address the spiritual, psychological, and emotional damage caused by addiction.

The Residential Treatment

The second phase is the Residential Treatment and it’s a 28 to 35-day inpatient program that doesn’t include any kind of detox. Now, detox can be arranged and it usually occurs before this phase begins (as we have mentioned above).

The Outpatient Care

Lastly, this kind of program can be offered once a week for a minimum of eight months. This is when our staff embodies that 12-Step Program and this can be a patient’s automatic response to addiction triggers and recovery challenges.

Know that Skyward Treatment will see to it that you successfully go through all three phases. We will be with you throughout and we will be with you as you safely transition from addiction to addiction recovery – that’s a guarantee. So why not schedule an assessment to see whether our Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program could be a great fit for your or your loved ones?
Inpatient Rehab Services _ Sugar Land Drug Alcohol Detox & Rehab

Are you ready to get on your journey toward addiction recovery? Know that Skyward Treatment is your safe space in Sugar Land, Texas. Give us a call today to learn how you can get started.

An Inpatient Program in the
Heart of Sugar Land, Texas

If you or your loved ones have been looking for an inpatient program located in the heart of Sugar Land, then worry not because we’ve got just the place for you. It’s a guarantee that our rehabilitation facility will be your “home away from home.”

Asking for the help you need is not a sign of weakness – on the contrary, it’s a sign of strength. So don’t ever think that addiction is the end of the line because it isn’t.

Rest assured that you’re in excellent hands at Skyward Treatment, and we will do our best to provide only the best level of care for our patients in Sugar Land and beyond.

So why not get in touch with our team of experts today to know how you can get started?

As you battle substance use disorder, asking for help is one of the first steps. Let our team of medical professionals help. Skyward Treatment is here to tell you everything you need to know regarding your addiction recovery journey.

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