5 Signs Showing Addiction

5 Signs Showing Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease and it doesn’t happen overnight. One needs to be taking drugs or alcohol for a long period to create dependency. However, this does not stand true for everyone. Addiction is affected by several factors such as genetics, frequency, the intensity of substance intake, etc. The condition can have different effects on every individual, thus, making it difficult to identify. 

But you can now identify addiction by observing these signs in yourself or your loved ones. 

Signs to Identify Addiction 

You can look for these signs to make sure that you or your loved ones are addicted to substances: 

  • Obsession 

People addicted to drugs or alcohol often spend most of their time doing or thinking about the substances and their effects. Thus, if you find yourself talking or thinking about substances most of the time, you’ve developed an addiction. 

  • Reduced social engagement 

People addicted to substances spend most of their time around drugs or alcohol, neglecting social activities. They avoid meeting friends or family. Thus, if you observe a similar behavior, chances are you may be addicted. 

  • Developing tolerance

People developing addiction tend to take higher doses of substances to feel the usual high. This is known as developing tolerance against substances. Thus, if you are needing higher doses than before, you might be addicted. 

  • Developing dependence 

The process of developing addiction begins with building dependence on the substances. Thus, if you are taking drugs or alcohol, just to feel normal, it is a strong sign of addiction. 

  • Withdrawal symptoms

This is the strongest sign of addiction. If you feel uncomfortable, anxious, or depressed after skipping even one dose of the substance, it shows you are addicted and can’t stay without substances even for a few moments. 

Attend a Rehab to Overcome Addiction 

Addiction has only one cure-rehab treatment. If you are addicted and want to recover, consider visiting Skyward Treatment
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